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Richard's Remarks


I forgot about this KEY chart, but my very good and long-time friends, the Aden sisters, reminded me (thanks ladies). Below we see the gold/bond ratio. When gold is dominant, the market is saying "inflation." When deflation is in sight, investors look for the safest yield (income) they can find, which these days are Treasury bonds. So when the Treasuries are dominant, the market is saying "deflation."


The chart shows that gold has just risen against a long declining trendline, so for now the market is forecasting "inflation" ahead.




Now that we see that inflation is in our future, I'm going to include some ideas which will steer you as to where you can spend your hard-earned money. Below is a stock that includes palladium and platinum. Both metals tend to move with gold, and happily our government has never confiscated either metal. I like this stock.





I like the silver action, and the ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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