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Richard's Remarks


I spy a great story on a magazine cover, but then, darn it, I can never find the story inside. Kudos to Vanity Fair, which on all its cover stories includes the page on which we can find those stories.


For the first time in maybe 80 years I've started drinking buttermilk. It tastes great and those bacterial cultures are good for the stomach. I am also reading a great book titled "Within" by Dr. Habib Sadeghi. A section of the book appears below --


It's difficult to be still when we live in a world where everyone's attention is so fractured. Concentration has become a lost art in the age of cell phones, portable computers, internet-on-demand, iPods, texting, Blackberries, electronic books, instant messaging, Twitter, blogging, Facebook, vedeo games and Skype camera communication.


As human beings, we're becoming more and more disengaged from one another. We're communicating more and saying less. Remember ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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