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Strebler's Perspective


I’m fascinated but also perplexed by the concept of time. The fourth dimension is the key to so much in this life and in our universe, yet difficult for us non-physicist types to fully comprehend. We intuitively understand that given an infinite amount of time, we could do or create just about anything. The extreme version of this is the old chimpanzee randomly pounding out Shakespeare on a typewriter idea. Or on a more relatable level, given unlimited time, a person could learn how to make just about anything, build the tools to make it, and then do it all on his/her own. But either way, it’s tough to grasp that time might be totally unlimited or (worse yet) merely a human construct.


On a more relatable level, time and I get along pretty well. I’m one of those people who’s never rushing to catch up, never surprised that the time ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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