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Richard's Remarks


Something bothers me about this market; it's too eerily calm. Even the VIX is a mystery, as if hiding itself at a seven year low of just above eleven. The complacency is almost screaming in my ears. Option traders, an extreme of complacency, obviously see nothing to worry about. They're comforted by the steady creation of liquidity by the Fed. For me, the big danger lies in the steady, almost relentless accumulation of gold by China and Russia. At some point ahead I am afraid we're gonna see the bottom drop out of the dollar at a time when international trade will switch to the Yuan. As I see it, China has no intention of starting World War III; China just wants to assume its rightful place in the world's power structure. Did you know that all high school students in China have to learn English? Who do you know that ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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