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Richard's Remarks


Well, it should be clear sailing ahead for the markets. How do I know? Easy, I read it in the newspapers. Today's WSJ headline in big black letters, "Clear Skies for US Shares."


And today's USA Today (page b-1) gives "Five Reasons Why The Stock Market Is Growing Again": 1) The momentum stock sell-off didn't spread to the blue chips, 2) The frozen economy did thaw out, as hoped, 3) The world's bankers did their part, 4) The Ukraine crisis didn't spiral out of control, and 5) The bearish warnings didn't come to fruition. Russell asks, But wait, what about the collapsing real estate in China? And what about Fed tapering that's supposed to end in October?


I can't wait to look at silver and gold. The long descending trendline on silver below will be breached if silver climbs to 19.25.





Moving to gold, RSI is oversold and MACD appears to be rounding and ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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