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Matt's Market Insights


As a younger guy I've always been intrigued by my generation's lack of interest in investing. I've been fascinated by the financial markets since my early teens, yet very few of my cohort seem to share the same interest. At 15 years old I found myself working summer internships for A.G. Edwards, which has since become part of Wells Fargo Advisors. I recall sitting in one of the back rooms, watching stock prices tick away. I knew little about stocks or how they traded at the time, but nevertheless it captured my attention since much of the world revolved around those flashing prices.


I have my parents to thank for my early introduction to investing. At age 14, the first year I was legally allowed to work and the first year I had a "real" job (I used to clean houses for older ladies in a retirement community before I was old ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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