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Introduction: What grabbed me most in this Subscriber Stories Survey was the fact that Bruce’s father convinced him to stick with his $1.25 per hour management job at a meat packing plant rather than join the union and get $16.00 an hour. Dad was right!


Bruce Bass – Cattle Buying Honcho and Lakeside Dweller


Bruce Bass comes from a family steeped in the Iowa livestock tradition. His great grandfather immigrated to Iowa from Vermont, to raise livestock and to farm. His father, grandfather and uncle formed a company that bought livestock, mostly hogs, from the surrounding small farms, and resold them to several different packing plants in Marcus, Iowa. In those days there was a patchwork of family farms, and about every five miles there was a railroad depot and stockyard, each with around ten holding pens for the livestock from the farms thereabout. The animals were shipped by rail to packing ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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