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Strebler's Perspective


Ceteris paribus, if the Fed is shoveling money out the doors of helicopters in order to keep the recovery going, the result ought to be big inflation at some point. Ceteris paribus, meaning all else being equal, is at the heart of a lot of economic assumptions and analyses, but the problem in the real world is that ceteris is almost never paribus. There are always umpteen relevant variables, and they’re constantly changing -- in different directions and at different rates of change. That’s why economics is an art as much as a social science – and we can say the same thing about investing. It’s all about how you value and then interpret the numerous variables in analyzing and evaluating situations, and it’s almost never easy.


The USDA just warned us to watch out for sticker shock in beef prices. And dairy products and fruits and vegetables and other foodstuffs too. ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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