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Learning from Each Other


Introduction: I first met Benjamin Butler when he came to San Diego for the Altegris / Mauldin conference and met briefly with Richard. I was impressed at his combining his intense interests in Zen and finance, and even more impressed to hear about his wife’s mother. She spends every night – all night – meditating in a local Buddhist temple, taking only a few hours to sleep!

-- Daria Russell Doering


Benjamin James Butler – Zen and Finance


Benjamin was born in 1975 in Hampshire, England. His father was an accountant and later a finance director for the British health service, while his mother owned several beauty salons, and later trained as an herbal doctor. As a child, Benjamin liked to ride his bike until he was thoroughly lost, and then try to find his way back home. This presaged the international globetrotting he loved later in life!


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