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Strebler's Perspective


It’s real. It’s really happening. The argument over global warming – oops, climate change – has been awfully one-sided for quite a few years. With something like 97% of scientists in the relevant disciplines telling us the evidence is overwhelming, those on the other side come off sounding a lot like flat-earthers or Holocaust deniers. Still, the scientific community has been convinced about things in the past for which they had to do an “about face” later on. But just as with technical analysis, we go with the odds, and 97% is pretty good odds. And those few lingering doubts have all but disappeared recently, on a number of levels.


First, there are the reports from credible scientific studies confirming what we’ve all feared, climate-wise. The most recent, by NASA and the University of California, documents what it calls the “unstoppable” demise of a large chunk of Antarctica’s ice sheet. It and ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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