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Learning from Each Other


Sonny Saul (Harry Saul Jr.) – A Life of Music and Books


Sonny was born in 1949 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, as the only son of his father, a dentist, whose Russian Jewish family immigrated to the US the year before he was born, and an Irish Catholic mother. “Nature loves a hybrid,” he says.


Sonny remembers Atlantic City (prior to the ‘70s, when casino gambling came in and changed everything) as an ideal place to grow up. “It was like the monopoly board!” he says, a “miniature America.” He was allowed the wonderful freedom to wander through the eight-mile long city, whose neighborhoods were divided along ethnic lines – poor Jews, rich Jews, Italians, WASPS, Puerto Ricans, African Americans …


Although his family was not musical, other than the “boring” piano lessons they provided him, Sonny stumbled across great music, quite by accident, and it made a lasting ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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