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Richard's Remarks


The advisories continue to flood my desk. And always, the advice -- ETFs, junk bonds, Treasuries, master limited partnerships, high yield stocks, emerging markets. I throw up my hands. Isn't there some way to make it simple without reading a thousand suggestions and opinions?


And my answer is -- there is a way to keep it simple. Buy and sit with real, bona fide money, pure wealth, which is silver and gold.


Look, the US is becoming top-heavy with debt. And this huge mountain of debt is a massive burden on the economy and is bankrupting the nation. So what's the alternative?


The alternative is to buy and sit with wealth that has weathered the centuries -- silver and gold.


When the debt ends up destroying almost every other asset, only pure wealth will survive. And that's the reason why I have chosen to sit with the precious metals. Everything you or I own is ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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