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Richard's Remarks


Here we are in the negative six months of the year -- May through October. This is also the negative time for the "Presidential cycle." So should we "sell in May and go away?" I think we've already done that, since I'm assuming that my subscribers are already safely on the sidelines. As for the main trend of the stock market -- the D-J Industrial and Transportation Averages recently set new record highs, thus indicating that the primary trend of the market is bullish.


But wait -- One thing I learned from my old mentor, the brilliant E. George Schaefer, is that valuations trump everything else as far as investing in the stock market. Looking back over history, valuations have identified the high risk areas in bull markets, and valuations have identified the bottom areas in bear markets. Charles Dow and E. George Schaefer believed that return on investment was the ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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