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Richard's Remarks


I just finished reading a long article in the conservative Weekly Standard magazine. The article is entitled, "So You Want to Live Forever?" The article is about Aubrey de Grey, a gentleman who is actively planning to live forever. De Grey has researched old age, and he believes it is simply a disease.


Personally, I don't know about living forever, but I know it hasn't been easy to make it to 90. If old age is a disease, I'd like to know the vaccine or medicine that can cure it. Secretly, I wonder what it's like to live forever. To live forever means facing the earth's warming, a few vicious bear markets, and perhaps future wars. I think eternal life will be a lot more pleasant if we can eliminate fear. Of course, the first step would be to eliminate fear of dying. As Woody Allen once put it, "I wouldn't mind ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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