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Richard's Remarks


I grew up in a Jewish family, but neither my father nor my mother knew anything about Judaism. We celebrated Christmas and put up a tree every year. I never attended synagogue, nor was I bar mitzvahed. I grew up as an agnostic, and I said to myself – If there is a god, let him show himself to me. Otherwise I gave little or no thought to religion or spirituality. I never came across anti-semitism except once when I applied for a job at a textile firm in New York. Of course, in the Army I took a lot of good natured kidding for being a Yid. A lot of those benighted kids, many from the Midwest, had never seen a bona fide Jew.


In 1945, after I left the Army Air Force, I immediately registered as an undergraduate at NYU -- this for free under the great GI bill. That ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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