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Richard's Remarks


In yesterday's New York Times on page A3 there was an article titled "MAYBE IT'S TIME TO WORRY ABOUT MARKET BUBBLES." The article was accompanied by a picture of Nobel Laureate Robert Shiller blowing a huge gum bubble that almost blocked out his face.


But why did the article appear on the third page of the Times when it should have appeared in the business section? Obviously, the editor of the Times wanted everyone to see this article. I took it as a polite warning to subscribers of the NY Times. The article was placed in a key spot where EVERYONE would see it. The Times was warning its readers and everyone else that this is a dangerously expensive stock market. The article dealt with Robert Shiller's method of valuing the market, and by Shiller's method, the market is now very expensive. In fact, there were only three times when the ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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