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Richard's Remarks


On yesterday's site, I made it clear that the primary trend of the market is bullish. The question then is whether we should be in the market and invested with the primary trend. There are enough items in the charts that bother me -- items such as the head & shoulders in the NASDAQ and the broadening formation in the S&P. Maybe it's my age, but there comes a time for every investor when he says to himself -- I've had enough, and the risk to reward of staying with the market is not worth it. As I write, the Dow remains above the critical even number of 16,000 and the NASDAQ remains above its own critical level of 4,000.


At the same time, gold is pressing against the even number of 1300 and silver holds above the 19.00 level. It is notable that every time gold presses against the 1400 ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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