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Richard's Remarks


This market is as trendless as any I've dealt with. So I thought I'd include some significant charts (with 200-day moving averages) on today's site, with my comments on each.


Usually a buy when copper is down hard. Stock remains bullish.




This is a US car maker that is making money, and its chart shows it. Ford is now bumping up against its 200-day MA.




GM has its troubles and has fallen below its 200-day MA




Looks like Twitter is all twittered out. Twitter doesn't have a 200-day MA yet because it hasn't been around that long.




GLD gaining oomph and pressing against its 200-day MA.




Hmmm. I thought people were using their credit cards.




Facebook has the dropsies. Are people getting off Facebook?




Warren Buffet still has his marbles, and his stock shows it.




The SPY says the trend is up.




Stock don't love Putin.




The talk is that China may be sinking into recession. The chart agrees.




Tesla's stock has been ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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