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Richard's Remarks


The P&F charts below are all 3-box reversal charts, meaning that each box is worth 3 points, and only moves of 9 points or more produce reversals.


Below, a bullish chart of Barrick Gold.





Below, the silver-gold ratio. If it rises, silver is stronger than gold. At the 18 box, silver would break out and be very bullish compared with gold.




Below -- Gold forming a large bottom. A bullish breakout will be triggered if the 1340 box is hit.



Below, the D-J Industrial Average, last classified as bullish. If it reaches the 16,650 box, that would signal that we're seeing a big bullish breakout. A very bearish breakdown would occur at the 16000 box.




Silver -- bullish signal would be triggered at 23. And an extremely bullish signal would be given at the 26 box.




Below, HUI, the gold bugs index, building a huge base. It turns bullish at the 240 box and extremely bullish at ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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