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Richard's Remarks


Slowly but surely women are taking over the world. A woman heads GM, a women is president of Harvard, a woman heads Germany, and there are 20 women in the US Senate. In the next presidential election in the US, at least one woman will run (Hillary for sure) and maybe more.


How about this? The majority of US Congress members are millionaires.


A full page article in the April 23 USA Today warns that a million dollars may not be enough for retirement. Russell comment -- A million dollars! I doubt if the average US individual or family could raise $3,000 cash, much less a million dollars. Will retirement be a lost concept in coming years?


New home sales in the US unexpectedly slumped to an eight month low. Russell comment -- and this with some of the lowest mortgage rates in history. And with home affordability near its highest level ever. Is ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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