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Richard's Remarks


The action of the gold universe last Tuesday, I thought, was really informative. The price of gold metal was down by .74, but all the gold mining stocks (and silver) closed higher. I took this as an example of where the Fed or the gold-haters manipulated the price of gold bullion lower. They can manipulate the price of gold, but can't control the price of all the gold miners. Interestingly, with the price of gold bullion lower, GDX was up .28 on the day and GDXJ closed up .96. This "strange" action led me to believe that something in gold or the dollar is going on.


I just read economist John William's latest comments (Shadow Statistics). John is certain that we face a hyperinflationary depression.


Isn't it really outrageous and disgusting that we are lied to -- concerning the economy? Don't the Fed and the US government have any decency -- any sense ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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