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Strebler's Perspective




My wife and I just love traveling; around the US, around the world. We’re not wealthy people by any stretch of the imagination, but my wife - Lori – is an absolute travel wizard. Finding great airfares, hotel rooms and whatnot is her passion, her hobby, and nobody – seriously, nobody – gets better deals than Lori does. So we’re flying to Europe this summer, first class, round-trip, for 10,000 airline miles each. Don’t ask. You find your own Lori; leave mine alone!


This time we’re adding eastern Europe to our itinerary, which is always based around northwestern Spain and then whatever else. We’re still not sure just where we’ll go, although Prague and the Croatian coast sound like they’re in for starters. One of the places that is almost certainly out is the future, possible Republic of Donetsk, a name floated in the last few days for the part ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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