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Richard's Remarks


Notes, quotes and thoughts: "The Wall Street Journal reported last month that US millennials spend as much as 18 hours per day on media use, 'skimming the web, watching TV, texting and playing video games and using social media.' ... I just don't see much value with all the time spent posting pictures and chatting on Facebook, tweeting or watching Youtube cat videos ..." Fred Hickey, The High-Tech Strategist.


"To get a grip on how the silver supply has been depleted, remember that the US government owned five billion ounces at the inception of the second World War. Today they no longer own any silver, and must purchase silver in the open market to feed the coin program of the US mint. The available silver from mining and recycling each year is barely keeping up with demand. Not only has production been curtailed because of the low price, but few substitutes for ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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