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Richard's Remarks


The following from my friend, A. Gary Schilling: "The Fed capitulates -- and for good reason. The Fed finally threw in the towel on its unfortunate target: the 6.5% unemployment rate, at which it would raise the federal funds rate to essentially zero." Russell comment: the Fed must realize that this is not the time to raise the federal funds rate. The economy is too weak to survive a rate raise.


Lessons in reading the weekly charts along with their 200-day moving averages. Weekly charts eliminate the daily often meaningless squiggles.


Below, SPY losing upward momentum but still bullish and well above its 200-day MA




Bullish but losing steam.




Bullish and far above its MA




The "lowly" Utilities look very bullish.




Look here, Gold has finally climbed above its 200-day moving average -- bullish.




The ETF for the big gold miners has climbed bullishly above its 200-day MA




Dollar Index below its 200-day MA and below 80. Ugly ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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