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Strebler's Perspective


A few days ago authorities remarkably announced that they had located pinging in the general Indian Ocean location, near where flight 370 was thought to have crashed. Better yet, we heard that the 37.5 khz frequency of the sound was unique to aircraft black boxes, that frequency being specifically chosen to avoid confusion and false signals. Signals are still being detected today, for the third day, but in spots up to 200 kilometers away from the first signals, and guess what? Experts now caution that those kinds of signals come from a wide variety of sources, and therefore we shouldn’t assume these pings are connected to the missing aircraft. So which is it, guys and gals? Make up my mind!


This same type of dilemma confronts investors more often than we wish, but especially today. Stock prices are down hard again today, as investors cautiously await quarterly profit announcements, and following ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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