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Axel Merk


Crisis Investing


In late 2008, when few bought any financial products, I decided to write the book I had always wanted to write. I still recall the arguments I had with the professional writer who helped me with the process. He urged me to talk about financial crisis in the past tense. I objected, debating that the present tense was appropriate, since the crisis was far from over. The book first describes my view on how global dynamics play out; then switches gears to become a hands-on personal finance guide. Sustainable Wealth: Achieve Financial Security In a Volatile World of Debt and Consumption is still available on Amazon. If you look it up and read the reviews, some love it and others give it a thumbs down. The critics point out that many of the ideas on how to build sustainable wealth aren’t particularly new. Actually, I would be the first to ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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