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Richard's Remarks


People -- 


Obama. I think I finally understand what he wants. He wants to continue FDR's New Deal into the present age.


Mary Barra, GM's new CEO. Handling herself credibly in the face of congressional gas bags who questioned her brutally regarding GM's most recent crisis.


Janet Yellen. Who's fixated on unemployment, and now sounds as though she will continue QE and zero rates well into the future.


Putin. Would like to be another Stalin, but lacks the necessary military strength.


The picture, as seen by Kiplinger:


Forget all the tough talk about further economic sanctions against Russia. They're pedicated on Moscow's unlikely reach for territory beyond Crimea. That would be a risky gamble for President Vladimir Putin, and both sides know it. So the dramatic threats and counterthreats amount to just political theater.


In a month or two, the showdown will give way to business as usual ... The US, Europe ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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