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Richard's Remarks


Here's what I did today. I took some unbacked junk currency called Federal Reserve Notes, and with them bought some constitutional money, known as silver. I consider gold and silver, now being manipulated, as on the bargain table. You and I, using Federal Reserve Notes, can go to our local coin dealer and swap junk Federal Reserve Notes for constitutional money, better known as gold and silver.


I didn't care for today's market close, particularly with the Transports down over 100 points. I still don't get the feeling that the market is quite ready to crash. Market tops tend to take a long time to reach completion. I had thought that we would see more to the upside. However, like the missing Boeing jetliner, nobody knows anything. And I feel comfortable on the sidelines, holding silver and gold, and watching history unfold.


The current erratic and nervous markets are hardly conducive to ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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