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Richard's Remarks


We had two mysteries, the Malaysian jetliner and the stock market. The jetliner mystery is now part solved. Why did it happen? What was the point? No group took credit for it. My best guess is that the pilot or copilot wanted to commit suicide but did not want to die alone. Or maybe a pilot hijacking gone wrong.


The stock market had a dozen reasons to fall out of bed. When the market doesn't do the obvious, then the obvious must be discounted.


The obvious was that rotten economic news would send the market lower. But today the stock market barely budged lower. If a market won't go down, then it is headed higher, which is the way this market is headed -- at least for a while.


The less than healthy economic news is almost certain to keep the Fed spewing out dollars. My guess is that as long as this situation ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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