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Richard's Remarks


The markets are still nervous about Janet Yellen's almost off-hand remark that rates may be edged higher within the period of six months. I believe that Yellen's comment was the comment of a new Fed head who was simply attempting to please the press. I did not take the six month period seriously, and I believe zero interest rates will continue well into the year 2015. Today's market ended up slightly to the downside, with the Dow down 28 and Transports down 27. The NASDAQ and the S&P both tipped slightly to the downside. As for gold, GLD closed up 0.61 while the gold miners edged slightly lower.


This is a nervous market with a lot of "if's" on its mind. Playing this market is not conducive to peace of mind. And if investing is nerve-racking, I'm not sure that it's worth the loss of sleep. I continue to like a ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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