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Richard's Remarks


What, me worry? Nothing really worries this market. All potential problems are resolved bullishly. Investors’ optimism remains white hot, as confirmed by the record high in margin accounts. The market couldn’t care less about Crimea and whatever else Putin prepares to grab. I continue to advise peace of mind, in a nervous but confident market in which the Dow swings roughly 100 points up or down every day. I seem to be one of the sturdy perma-bulls on gold and silver, both of which I recommend as long-term holdings, preferably in physical state. In the meantime, the Dow stays comfortably in the 16,200 area. From the price action, I would guess that the Dow would try for 17,000. But I see danger in the current extreme exuberance. There is heavy insider selling and a record level of margin accounts. In short, I say – Don’t be bold. Sit with gold, and ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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