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Matt's Market Insights


It's nice to be back in San Diego, but I must admit the Investor Summit at Sea far exceeded my expectations and part of me wishes it wasn't over yet. With professionals in real estate, paper assets, precious metals, macroeconomics, asset protection, tax strategy, foreign citizenship, sales and motivation, retirement accounts, energy, farmland, agriculture and more, the two-way dialogue was incredible. It's one thing to be on the receiving end of a preplanned discourse, or to give a one-way discourse; it's another entirely to be able to challenge speakers over dinner and drinks to truly understand their positions and what drives them. As most will attest, a few glasses of wine (or other) steers conversations towards the unadulterated truth, away from the facade many speakers have been trained to present. Add in music, dancing, and pajamas (last night only) and you have an environment conditioned for the expansion of real knowledge.


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