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Strebler's Perspective


US equity markets got something of a bounce yesterday, after their initial weak opening, but that rug of hope was jerked out from underneath investors today with a solidly triple-digit Dow decline. Some European markets are nearly the lowest they’ve been in a month, while Canada’s Toronto market is down about half of its New York counterpart, but still solidly in the red for the day. Strength in the precious metals is not enough to outweigh weakness in energy markets, which after all are a much bigger component of our northern neighbor’s export portfolio. But apart from that….


Today’s main culprits? The usual suspects: China’s slowdown, Ukraine’s tenuous status, copper’s ominous look, and stocks themselves that are over-priced and overdue for a correction. Why today; why not yesterday or last week or next month? That’s like asking why we’re here; everyone has an opinion but ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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