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Richard's Remarks


I can't get the "missing" Malaysian airplane out of my mind. Could it have been an act of God? Was it God's way of showing the world that he can perform unaccountable deeds? But no, God is the essence of good and therefore he will not harm his children. God didn't down the plane with 239 passengers aboard.


Look how dramatic the whole episode is. Over a dozen nations are searching for clues. The lost plane was not a Piper Cub, it was a jetliner, which was important enough to land on the front page of every newspaper in the world. I believe the missing plane was a "statement." But what was it telling us?



But let's get down to business --


I've posted a chart of the S&P Composite. It looks as though a head-and-shoulders bottom has formed. The S&P has surged above resistance but with no increase in volume. I distrust ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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