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Richard's Remarks


I exchange services with dozens of advisories, but I gladly pay for one, and it's The High-Tech Strategist by Barron's Roundtable member, the brilliant Fred Hickey. Hickey is a long-time fan of gold, and I am going to include a few quotes from his latest mailing --


For gold owners, the best possible scenario is for the Fed's current taper attempt to fail spectacularly, leading first to pause in the tapering and then to another round of quantitative easing (QE5) in order to once again "save" the financial markets and world economy from disaster. Hopefully, at that point it would become clear that the Fed will never be able to exit from their doomed money printing path.


Ultimately, the resumption of money printing could lead to a route in the dollar (and a soaring gold price) which could discredit the Fed and hopefully force someone in the government to change direction and end ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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