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Strebler's Perspective


The two big concerns today, markets wise, are the situation in Ukraine and the bull market’s five-year birthday. Is Ukraine just the first step in Putin’s push (putsch?) to regain Russian control of eastern Europe, a new Cold War leading perhaps to WWIII? Or has he overplayed his hand and his country’s ability to sustain further moves? Opinions bounce back and forth on this, and markets are not immune to the uncertainty.


A five-year bull market, up nearly 200% from its lows and almost 2 years past its last 10% correction. Good news, right? But worrisome as well. So guess what? The market’s overdue for a correction – duh! Who’d thunk it? But today it’s big news.


Stocks are down moderately as of 12:30, with the metals and currencies mostly on hold. How much is concern over the bull’s birthday, how much is about Ukraine, how much is about other factors, including things ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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