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Question: Richard in the past has mentioned that bull markets go up for a certain duration and then there is a pullback, perhaps even a "bear" market within the larger bull move, of roughly one-third to one half of the bull move. Is that what we are witnessing in the gold bull market? We had a tremendous bull move, topping out in August of 2011, and ever since, we have been retracing or been in a 'bear' market. If the bull run started roughly in 2002 and topped in 2011, 9 years roughly, and the 'bear' market is coming up on 3 years of retracement, does that 'fit' with regard to Richard's comments on bull and bear market durations? I have been a DTL subscriber for many years, and Richard's comments over the years have netted hefty profits, but this aspect of bull and bear time duration has been making me wonder ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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