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Richard's Remarks


We have been living through the greatest boom in recorded history. It started after World War II. And I wonder what will follow? Could it be the greatest depression in history? Frankly, that's one thought that worries me.


I believe as our economy and the world economy sink, the Fed, under Janet Yellen, will fight the forces of deleveraging and deflation with all the weapons and ammunition in the Fed's arsenal. This action will serve to keep bullish sentiment alive for quite awhile, and it will set off many false starts and deceptive rallies in the major indices and averages. To put it mildly, this advance from the October, 2009 low will not die quickly and easily. As the huge top builds, public sentiment will change from extreme optimism to puzzlement and then to pessimism..


Thus, subscribers are cautioned to stay on the sidelines and watch history unfold.



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