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Richard's Remarks


Something is wrong with me. I've been sweating during all my waking hours. I don't know why this has come about, but I know that sweating comes from fear. I'm not consciously aware of what I might be afraid of, and I assume that the fear comes from my unconscious.


Since infancy I've always been ultra-sensitive to danger. For this reason I have never been caught in a primary bear market -- my sensitivity to impending danger (and Dow Theory) has always saved me and my subscribers. But this time my unconscious fear is unrelenting, and it won't leave me alone. It just won't let me dry off.


I've gone over the symptoms repeatedly. Finally, I've admitted it to myself. I'm afraid we're in a primary bear market in the economy and the stock market. I believe it's going to be an absolute "brute." And I'm afraid of what might lie ahead.


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