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Strebler's Perspective


Pick your poison.” That little saying refers to, well – you figure it out. But here I’m going to relate it to market analysis, where the two main schools of thought are fundamental and technical. The fundamental people look at developments in the economy, federal spending, interest rates, company management, earnings, and a buzillion other things that help them divine whether a stock, commodity, currency, or whatever is headed higher or lower. Technical folk look, on the other hand, at charts, trends, and market formations, using the idea that all of the fundamental information is reflected in those things, which in turn tell us where a particular market is headed.


Whichever “school” floats your boat, there are some big downsides to your choice. The fundamentalists tell us what should happen, but have a tough time identifying when. So their baggage includes predicting that such-and-such is going to happen – but they’re 3 ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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