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Richard's Remarks


The following was written Saturday morning -- I'm afraid that very few people will believe me. I'm also afraid because what I foresee is a dangerous bear market, and I don't know where real safety lies.


If the stock market starts down this week, I believe most people will think it's part of the "long-overdue ten percent correction." Ah, if only that were true. However, I believe (and I don't think anyone else agrees with me -- with the exception of Bob Prechter) that we are now experiencing a resumption of the primary bear market that was interrupted by the Fed at the 2009 lows.


The primary trend of the market always carries to conclusion. The sheer power of the current stock market decline is fierce and is generated because the primary bear trend is still in force -- the primary bear market was interrupted and held back by the Fed -- ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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