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Richard's Remarks


Employment figures were released late today, and they were shockingly below estimates. Thus the economy is even more sluggish than the bearish estimates. The employment figures caught the Fed in a muddle, since the fed has already embarked on its tapering program. The reaction is now in the hands of Janet Yellen. Obviously she can’t untaper. But will she increase QE in a frantic effort to jumpstart the economy?


In reaction to the employment news, look forward to increased QE. Bonds rallied, the dollar weakened, and gold spurted. Over the weekend there will probably be a great deal of controversy over the negative employment figures. All eyes will be on the S&P. The big question will be whether the month of January will be plus or minus. And thus we await the verdict of the market.


The Russell stance continues to be watchful waiting. And the big question continues to be: ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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