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Chuck Butler

Chuck has a long history of being associated the investment markets. He started in a regional brokerage firm in 1973, and it was just like the act of Nixon taking the U.S. off the Gold standard, his stint in the brokerage firm was to be “temporary”… But soon he was moving around learning everything there was to know about running a back office.


At 21 he was the Margin Manager, a job that was usually held by older individuals. After stints at other brokerage firms, including, one in Des Moines, Iowa, he switched to bond operations, and soon had learned everything there was to know about clearing, settling, safekeeping and interest disbursement of bonds.


From his introduction to bonds, he became the Operations Manager for Mark Twain Bank Bond Division. Soon after, he got his introduction to bond trading, which eventually turned to Foreign Bond Trading, and Foreign currency trading.  It was at this time that he began writing his now famous letter, A Pfennig For Your Thoughts.  He then joined the founding members of EverBank and started the EverTrade Direct Brokerage in his basement. It was at EverBank that Chuck began to get recognized for his writings, his calls on currencies and economies.


He has been seen on CNBC, CNNfx, The Street, Bloomberg TV, and various other outlets. He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal twice, and many other publications around the world. His Daily Pfennig letter is reposted in Germany!


In 2001, Chuck wrote a white paper titled: The Decline of the Dollar, and in 2002 the dollar entered a 9-year weak trend. And 2002, Chuck wrote a white paper titled: 2003, the year of the Euro…  2003, happened to be one of the best years as far as performance for the euro. His daily letter, is now distributed around the world by various websites.


Chuck is a former musician, that traveled the country playing his guitar as a young man. He’s a father of 3, grandfather of 3, and happily married for over 40 years. Chuck is also a faithful fan of the St. Louis Cardinals, Missouri Tigers, St .Louis Blues, and SLU Billikens.