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Richard's Wisdom

October, 2017 Archives

Richard's Thoughts On Third Phases & Where We Currently Stand

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All great bull markets come in three psychological phases. The first phase is the accumulation phase, during which sophisticated and value-oriented investors pick up what is generally being ignored.


The second phase is the phase where the seasoned professionals and a few more sophisticated funds take their positions. It is in the second phase where we see the most painful secondary corrections, which are almost always mistakenly taken to be primary bear markets.



Richard's Thoughts on Survival Mode

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Today I'm going to present a discussion between two characters named A and B. Who are these guys? They're two guys who live between my ears. Somehow, these two clowns got into my skull over the weekend.


A – What are the fundamentals, the very basic fundamentals, of the investment world today?


B – Here they are, and I don't think you're going to love them. The world is overproducing. Not only is it overproducing, but it's overproducing at viciously competitive prices.



Richard’s Thoughts on the Grandfather of Technical Analysis

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Ah, they never make it easy for Richard Russell.  Maybe I should have been a race-car driver or an oil field wildcatter.  But no, I chose a life of wrestling with the stock market.  No use whining, Russell -- get over it.


During the period of 1958 to the late '90s I wrote a series of over 30 Dow Theory and technical articles which were published in Barron's. I wrote them in the hopes that Dow Theory might be better understood or actually understood at all. Whether these articles made any impression on Wall Street I really don't know. Judging from what I hear and see, the impressions, if there were any, were minor indeed.