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August, 2017 Archives

The War On Cash

By Chuck Butler


It all seemed so innocent, years ago… You could stop for gas, and not have to go into the station to pay. Pay at the pump. It was marketed to women with young children in the car, but in reality, it was a time saver, and got you in and out of the gas station quickly. As consumers, we had been using revolving credit cards at Sears, and other big stores for years, so when the Visas and Master Cards of the world began showing up in our mailboxes, we were very excited!



Daily Recap

All in all, today was a fine day for stocks. N. Korean fear dissipated further, helping Asian and European exchanges move higher. US shares also benefited, apparently not worried about how the worst natural disaster in the country's modern history will impact bottom lines. A stronger than expected 3.0% rise in GDP also helped, along with a stronger than expected ADP jobs report. Oh – and Apple's big gains didn't hurt either.


Pick Up Some Shares?

by Jon S. Strebler 


I bought my first pickup truck – that peculiarly American vehicle – in 1981 after moving to rural Oregon. It was a 1963 Chevy that set me back $700, handy for hauling in top soil and manure for the garden, hauling trash to the dump, and quick trips into town. In the years since, I’ve owned another Chevy truck, an Isuzu, a couple of Toyotas, and a couple of Fords – including the F-150 we bought last October. It hauls landscaping and construction materials from Home Depot, surfboards to the beach, takes us on camping trips and me on hunting trips, and is a nice, comfortable ride for everyday.



Where Did TINA Go?

By Matthew Kerkhoff


A few years ago, TINA was everywhere … she was the life of the party. Whenever people wondered why stocks kept rising, she’d show up and people would scream, TINA!


But I haven’t heard anyone mention her recently … did she take off? Or did she drink so much from the punch bowl that she’s passed out, sleeping somewhere?



Richard’s Thoughts on the Most Famous Market Calls in History

Richard’s Comments


One of Dow's early Wall Street Journal editors was a brilliant fellow, born in England, named William Hamilton.  Hamilton was Dow's understudy, and he listened carefully to all of Dow's comments.  Hamilton took notes when Dow said anything regarding the market.


Hamilton noted that there was more to the market than Dow's comments and emphasis on values.  Hamilton noted that the Industrial Average and the Rail Average tended to move together during healthy or harmonious market movements.



Did You Witness the Great American Solar Eclipse?

By Chuck Butler


WOW! Is about all I can say about the GASE (Great American Solar Eclipse). I sat out in my backyard and watched everything turn dark, not dark like night, but twilight dark. It was pretty cool. I know that a lot of you weren’t able to witness it, just make sure you mark down your calendars for the next one… of course the last one was February 1979…  My wife was asking me where we were in Feb. of ’79, and so I thought about it and recalled that we were living in Des Moines, Iowa, and probably trying to dig ourselves out of the mounds of snow on the ground, and deal with the subzero temperatures…