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Richard's Wisdom

March, 2017 Archives

Richard’s Thoughts on the Royal Road to Wealth

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I started investing during the late-1940s. The philosophy of investing was different then. Remember, at that time the US had just emerged from World War II, and before that the US had suffered through a brutal decade of the Great Depression.


After World War II investors were convinced that once again the US was fated to sink back into Depression. Of course, that never happened. Actually, between 1946 and 1949 the US did sink into recession, and this more than ever convinced investors that a resumption of the Great Depression was on its way.


Richard’s Thoughts on Buying Values

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Are there any absolute values in this business? In the "old days" investors did talk about absolute or "real values" or "great values."


I've spent the last few months mulling over the whole stock market situation. And this is what's been forming and fermenting in my tired brain. The last time we saw great values in the stock market was during the 1980-82 period. That was a great bear market bottom, and the beginning of a fabulous, long-term primary bull market.


Richard's Thoughts ... What's New With the PTI?

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In addition to my Dow Theory studies, my favorite stock market indicator is the PTI (Primary Trend Index).


I developed the PTI in the late 1960's and early '70's for the purpose of aiding me in identifying the major or primary trend of the market.


My Primary Trend Index (PTI) is an amalgam of eight critical averages and indicators. Each indicator is based on the ACTION of the stock market (as opposed to sentiment indicators, monetary issues, short sales, etc.).