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The International Investor

September, 2016 Archives

Recon in Japan, On High Alert Globally

By Benjamin J. Butler




Japan and the World


Readers will know that I favor seeing the whole through the parts, a phenomenon that I call holographic finance. On my trip to Japan I look at both what is happening on the ground and also what light it spills on global events.


I have always respected Japan for its ancient culture, good tastes and immense list of culinary delights. But architecturally, I found Tokyo a bit of an eyesore, compared to the beauty of the temples of Kyoto. When I used to live in Tokyo I would always endeavor to find homes near parks, and towards the end, when I had a bit more financial firepower, I had a nice apartment overlooking the Imperial Palace.


Perfect Storm?

By Benjamin J. Butler


Daegu, South Korea


I have been in South Korea for the whole week. I survived another North Korean missile test and the largest earthquake since the 1970s here! It all sounds rather dramatic (it was for a few moments) but actually the news media likes to exaggerate these things. On North Korea, I don't subscribe to the view that their leader is totally mad. Not to be trusted, perhaps, but not mad. An advisor to the Korean government on China/North Korea agrees with me on this assessment.


Thoughts Above the Pacific


By Benjamin J. Butler


 "We won’t know what a job will look like in 5 years’ time, so what are we teaching them?


--  Salim Ismail, Co-Founder of Singularity University


I am flying back over the Pacific towards Asia, endeavoring to absorb this last visit in Silicon Valley. It’s been quite amazing to spend time and interview so many visionary thinkers. And I'm excited about opening an office in Palo Alto as well.