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Quote of the Day

August 27, 2014 -- "The last of human freedoms - the ability to choose one's attitude in a given set of circumstances." Viktor E. Frankl


Richard's Remarks

The question that's haunting me, the question I keep asking myself, is this -- With the Fed manipulating the stock and bond markets, is the stock market still a valid and useful discounter of the future?

The chart below tracks the advance-decline line, which follows the trend of the majority of stocks on the NYSE. The A-D line is currently at a new high. This is strange because the D-J Averages are not at new highs (which is a strange and negative situation).


If there's trouble ahead, then why isn't the stock market giving us warnings? Actually (read yesterday's site) it has.


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Matt's Market Insights

Many folks are anxiously waiting to see whether 2nd quarter GDP will be revised downward. Recall that GDP contracted by 2.1% during the 1st quarter, and the initial reading on second quarter GDP came in at 4%. If 2nd quarter GDP falls to near 2%, growth for the first half of the year will be flat. And if 2nd quarter GDP is revised to show a contraction, it would meet the criteria generally deemed to identify a recession (two consecutive quarters of GDP contraction).


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Richard's Remarks

I don't know whether anybody else in the world noticed this but I feel as though the market is talking to me in its own language. A week ago the Transports rose to an intraday high above 8468, which was the the record high. But by the close, the Transports rejected the new high and closed under the record high.

Today the Industrials, intraday, rose to a new record high above 17138, but following the Transports' example, the Industrials sold off, and by the close they were below their record high.

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Strebler's Perspective

“I feel as if …” We hear this more and more these days instead of “I think that…”, especially from younger people. It bugs me, because I’d like people to think, more than just cite their feelings. But I understand where this trend comes from. It’s more politically-correct, per the idea that everyone’s thoughts are just as important as anyone else’s. And how can we argue with the way someone feels? So I think kids have been taught this way of expressing themselves in the last couple of decades. But I think (and I feel) that it’s dumb.

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