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Quote of the Day

"If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything." Malcolm X

Changing Dynamics

By Jon S. Strebler


I suppose that’s kind of redundant, as dynamic means changing.  But in any case, it does seem as if we’re seeing a significant change or two in the markets and how investors perceive things.   People were basically resigned to a regimen of gradually increasing interest rates, after years of accommodative central bank policy.  By early-November, it was clear that the Fed would raise rates in December, and virtually certain that future increases would come in 2016.  That, in turn, would make higher rates in the rest of the world likely, even if not a certainty. 


Holding Our Breath

By Matthew Kerkhoff


Did you ever play that game as a kid where you would stick your head underwater and see who could hold their breath the longest?


That’s the game the entire oil industry is playing right now, and it's forcing us all to play along.


The problem is that many oil producers are running out of air, and onlookers are trying to predict which bodies will float to the surface first.


Richard's Thoughts on the Fed

By the Dow Theory Team


Richard's Comments


I will say that in the 60 years I've been studying markets, I've never, ever seen anything like the situation the markets and the economy now find themselves in.


I have only one comment and prediction -- It will not end in a good way. I believe in the old fashioned forces of supply and demand.


When man messes with nature, we often get monstrosities, freaks and weird patterns. By the same token, when man messes with the natural form of economic and markets, we get trouble.


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