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Quote of the Day

"To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world." Brandi Snyder

Richard's Thoughts on the Fed

By the Dow Theory Team


Richard's Comments


I will say that in the 60 years I've been studying markets, I've never, ever seen anything like the situation the markets and the economy now find themselves in.


I have only one comment and prediction -- It will not end in a good way. I believe in the old fashioned forces of supply and demand.


When man messes with nature, we often get monstrosities, freaks and weird patterns. By the same token, when man messes with the natural form of economic and markets, we get trouble.


See-saw Action Continues

Daily Recap

Confusing see-saw action continued today, at least in the U.S., where stocks are higher - mostly. Asian stocks merely carried the U.S. trend forward from yesterday, with Japanese stocks down a harsh 3% and China's Shanghai index down a more civilized 0.4%. Europe, in turn, took the ball from there, as both British and German exchanges lost about 1.5%. One area of foreign stocks doing very well were the emerging markets, at least as traded in the U.S. EEM, recommended yesterday, was up a smart 2.5% today.


Saucers Ready to Fly?

By Jon S. Strebler


2016 has blessed (?) us with a most interesting start.  January was volatile, set some records, and always kept our attention.  Stars of the show included plunging crude oil prices, European bourses dragged south by recession and falling commodity prices, a collapsing Chinese stock market (now down to about half of its 2014 high), interest rate drama, and a potential Dow Theory non-confirmation.  Let us not forget the nagging fear that this November may feature a contest between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, a truly comedic thought if it didn’t represent equal parts danger and embarrassment for America.



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